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Traditional Medicine Grows in the Ground and Cannot be Legislated

African and Traditional Medicine and the LawOver 80% of South Africans prefer herbs to Big PharmaTake a look at the ethnopharmacological potential of South Africa

A 1996 survey in South Africa indicated that over 80% of the indigenous African population use traditional medicine for self medication. This includes an annual consumption of over 1000 tons of plant material harvested from at least 3000 species. That translates as a financial annual turnover in excess of US$ 6 billion! However, that is peanuts in comparison to the income generated by Big Pharma from selling dodgy chemicals with nasty side effects. The difference is that the "green"medicine is not yet fully under their contr

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A Short Guide to CPAP Machines

One of the most deceiving sleep disorders is sleep apnea. In this disorder, you can suffer from frequent silences during your sleep. Some of the major effects of this problem include choking or gasping, daytime sleepiness, sudden awakenings and loud snoring. The breaks in the breathing can results in frequent silences in the sleep. It is important to note that the problem of sleep apnea can even threaten your life if not treated in a proper way. The treatment methods of sleep apnea generally include lifestyle changes, nasal masks, facemasks, mouthpieces, CPAP machines and even surgeries.

CPAP machines are those breathing devices which are used for treating sleep apnea in the adults. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. If a patient is suffering from http://ecomed.co.za/82-cpaps sleep apnea, then this machine can help him or her out. CPAP and CPAC machines help to restore the regular breathing while sleeping. Apart from this, these machines also help in relieving daytime sleepiness as well as snoring.

Generally, sleep apnea is of 2 types. These include central sleep apnea or CSA and obstructive sleep apnea or OSA. OSA is known to be the most basic type of sleep apnea where the airflow in nose as well as mouth gets stopped because of breathing obstruction. Some of the primary reasons for obstructive sleep apnea include over-weight, large tonsils, and nasal congestion. On the other hand, central sleep apnea occurs because of abnormality or irregularity in central nervous system. CSA can also be caused because of injuries in the brain stem.

The CPAP machines are generally used for delivering pressurized air in order to help the people who are suffering from sleep apnea. The patients of sleep apnea usually collapse their air passage while sleeping. Thus, it is essential to provide continuous air to these patients. One can find 2 types of CPAP machines. One is Nasal CPAP and other is Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure.

In Nasal CPAP machines, the airway pressure which is delivered in the upper airway is steady and continuous during both inspiration as well as expiration. However, Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure machines work in different manner. In these machines, the pressure can be adjusted separately for both inspiration as well as expiration. These machines are used commonly for treating the problem of sleep apnea in children.

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6 Uncommon Cures for Everyday Ailments

If you believe Johanna Brandt, she discovered an uncommon cure for cancer roughly 80 years ago while living in South Africa. The remedy: grapes. Bunches of them. In fact, all you can eat, because, well, grapes are all you can eat for 1 to 2 weeks, if you follow the plan outlined in Brandt's 1928 book The Grape Cure. Proof? She claims to have conquered her stomach cancer with the power of purple.

Needless to say, the medical establishment never swallowed grapes as the answer to cancer. And yet, as extreme -- and potentially dangerous -- as Brandt's prescription may be, today's researchers are uncovering compelling evidence that natural chemicals in the fruit of Vitis vinifera could hel

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Treating sleep apnea may lessen depression, too| Reuters

(Reuters Health) - For people with depression and obstructive sleep apnea, using a nightly device to improve breathing while asleep may also improve depression symptoms, according to a new review of the evidence.

"It's thought that sleep apnea could contribute to depression through its effects on sleep quality as sleep fragmentation occurs from the frequent apnea events, but this hasn't been proven experimentally," said lead author Dr. Marcus Povitz of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.

"Also there is a hypothesis that the dips in oxygen due to the apneas might cause injury to the brain which could lead to depression," Povitz told Reuters Health by email.


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Med-Care Diabetic & Medical Supplies, Inc. Donates 150+ CPAP Machines to American Sleep Apnea Associations CPAP Assistance Program

BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Med-Care Diabetic & Medical Supplies, Inc., a leading wellness company

founded on the highest principles of patient care and service, announced

today a donation of more than 150 refurbished Continuous Positive Airway

Pressure (CPAP) machines to the American Sleep Apnea Association's

(ASAA) CPAP Assistance Program.

Sleep apnea, often a chronic condition characterized by brief pauses in

breathing during sleep, is estimated to affect 22 million Americans.

CPAP therapy is the most widely used and most effective treatment for

obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP machines help people with sleep apnea

breathe more easily during sleep by increasing air pressure in upper


"We're thankful to Med-Care for supporting the ASAA's CPAP Assistance

Program," said Kalimah Ashby, CPAP Assistance Program coordinator of the

ASAA. "The ASAA is able to provide gently used CPAP devices to

individuals in need due to generous device and supplies donations from

organizations like Med-Care. These donations help bridge the gap between

diagnosis and treatment, while keeping usable equipment from filling

already overcrowded landfills."

"The management of sleep apnea has been revolutionized by CPAP devices

and we're happy make a donation to ASAA's CPAP Assistance Program," said Dr.

Steven Silverman, founder and CEO of Med-Care. "For an individual

with sleep apnea, a CPAP machine is the gift of a good night's sleep,

which we hope will positively impact other areas of their lives."

Med-Care's equipment donation includes top tier brands such as Philips

Respironics System One.


The American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA), founded in 1990, is a

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes awareness of sleep apnea,

works for continuing improvements in treatments for this serious

disease, and advocates for the interests of sleep apnea patients. For

more on ASAA and the CPAP Assistance Program, go to sleepapnea.org.


Med-Care Diabetic and Medical Supplies is a leading wellness company,

founded on the highest principles of patient care and service. Med-Care

helps patients manage their chronic conditions by providing

cost-effective, high-quality medical and pharmacy supplies delivered

directly to their homes.

Established in 1999 by Dr. Steve Silverman, the company has more than

500 employees and serves more than 350,000 patients from its

headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida and distribution centers in Florida

and Tennessee. Med-Care is accredited by The Joint Commission (T.J.C),

the most prestigious accrediting organization recognized by Medicare.

Since its inception, Med-Care has been an accepted provider for

Medicare, Medicaid and hundreds of private insurance companies

nationwide. The company follows Medicare billing guidelines

meticulously. For more information on Med-Care, visit medcareinc.com

or call 1-888-777-0737.

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Compression stockings may ease sleep apnea| Reuters

By Ronnie Cohen


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Wearing compression stockings during the day may slightly improve sleep apnea at night, a small study suggests.

The benefits of the knee-high socks, however, failed to convince sleep specialists that they'd hit on a new cure for obstructive sleep apnea, which is a potentially serious condition.

In obstructive sleep apnea, breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep because the airway becomes narrowed or blocked. The condition affects 12 million Americans, raising their risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeat and diabetes. It also raises their risk of being sleepy and fatigued during the day, because they sleep poorly at night.

The gold-standard therapy for obstructive sleep apnea is a continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, device.

In the new study, 22 patients with obstructive sleep apnea who wore compression stockings during the day for two weeks saw their frequency of apneas decrease by 27 percent, compared to 23 patients who didn't wear the stockings, Dr. T. Douglas Bradley and colleagues report in Sleep Medicine.

The authors call the 27 percent reduction "modest." They say it reduced patients' sleep apnea "from the severe to the moderate range."

They did not, however, see any improvements in patients' daytime alertness or sleepiness.

There are a number of reasons the airway may be blocked during sleep. For example, the throat muscles and tongue may relax, blocking the airway.

This new study points to another potential mechanism, Bradley told Reuters Health. He believes fluid can move from the legs into the neck, restrict the flow of oxygen and cause obstructive sleep apnea.

"Getting rid of excess fluid is one approach of treating sleep apnea," said Bradley, a sleep specialist and professor at the University of Toronto.

Compression stockings, widely used to treat varicose veins and by workers whose jobs keep them on their feet all day, exert pressure on the legs and reduce fluid movement.

"This study highlights what we believe to be a new cause of sleep apnea," Bradley said. "This is further evidence that it really is a mechanism that causes sleep apnea."

But sleep specialist Dr. Jafari Behrouz of the University of California, Irvine, told Reuters Health he is not ready to prescribe the knee-highs to his apnea patients.

"At this point, I do not recommend stockings to treat sleep apnea," said Behrouz, who was not involved with the current study.

The first thing he recommends for sleep apnea patients is that they improve their sleep hygiene by eliminating sedatives and alcohol for six hours before bedtime and by avoiding caffeine after lunch. He also advises that overweight patients try to lose weight and morbidly obese patients consider bariatric surgery.

He also recommends that patients use the gold-standard CPAP device when they sleep.

Some patients have trouble using it or do not like using it. A mouthpiece called a mandibular advancement device is an alternative that holds the lower jaw and tongue forward during sleep.

Snorers, especially men 50 years and older with a history of high blood pressure or stroke should talk to their doctors about their risk for sleep apnea, Behrouz said.

"The patient and physician can discuss what's the best treatment for them," he said. "For the majority of the patients, the best treatment still is the CPAP machine."

SOURCE: bit.ly/1CNgJvf Sleep Medicine, online December 18, 2014.

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Cpap Sleep Apnea Machines: Substitutes For Cpap?

Do not get me wrong, there is not any substitute for CPAP when it comes to treating Sleep Apnea. The correct issue to try and do, if you suspect that you just could have it, is to go to a sleep expert and follow his instructions. He'll probably recommend CPAP, surgery, or oral appliance therapy. This list is not necessarily an different selection to CPAP, surgery, or oral appliances, but instead supplementary methods that decrease the probability of airway collapse. Sometimes these strategies are not enough to entirely eliminate apnea. Again, talk to your physician before trying to treat sleep apnea.

Therefore here are the six tactics :

1. Weight loss - Unless you're extremely large AND your sleep apnea is mild, often weight loss is not enough to completely eliminate it. However it will undoubtedly help. Weight reduction is assumed to boost apnea by changing the shape of the airway which decreases the probability of airway collapse.

2. Avoid Alcohol Before Bedtime - Alcohol relaxes the muscles in the airway, which gets worse snoring and sleep respiring issues. The most effective recommendation is to abstain from alcohol, however if you enforce drinking make sure you allow acceptable time for your blood alcohol level to reduce to nil before retiring to bed.

3. Sleep On Your Facet - Your bed partner might have already pointed this out to you : when you are on your aspect, your snoring improves. Sleeping on your back might increase the likelihood of airway collapse thanks to gravity's effect on the jaw and tongue.

4. Elevate the Head of the Bed - If you've got sleep apnea, you may have spotted that you sleep more deeply in your recliner. Like aspect-sleeping, it is assumed that head elevation might improve sleep apnea by changing the conformation of the airway. A thirty to 60 degree elevation of the head of the bed may open the way to improvement in sleep apnea.

5. Avoid Sleep Deprivation - there's proof that sleep deprivation each prolongs breathing issues whereas sleeping and decreases the probabilities that you will wake-up from those issues. To paraphrase, current systematic proof suggests that sleep deprivation becomes worse sleep apnea. So get additional sleep, and sleep respiring might improve.

6.External Nasal Dilation ( Breathe Rite Strips ) - Might scale back seriousness of snoring however probably not effective at treating sleep apnea.

If you believe you may have sleep apnea, then you must talk to a sleep consultant. If he advises that you just wear CPAP then DO IT. But, while your waiting to urge your CPAP machine, or if you want to improve your treatment of sleep apnea, then the higher than methods could help.

By: Bob Key

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