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1 year ago

Home Improvement :: Foam Board Insulation for your Enclosed Carport, Garage or Metal Building

Among the most effective and easy-to-install insulation choices for your enclosed carport, garage or metal building is foam board. The same stuff that NASA has used to insulate a space shuttles external tank, keeping its liquid hydrogen fuel at minus 423F and its liquid oxygen tank at near minus 297F to prevent ice buildups on the inner fuel tanks exterior surface, can be used to keep your metal carport toasty in the wintertime and cool during the summer.

While fiberglass insulation works by slowing down the rate of passage of heat into your home during hot summers and out of your enclosed carport, garage or metal building in winter, foam board insulation brings that passage to a halt by completely sealing all cavities and spaces in your structures walls. These unsealed voids are the primary source of energy loss, which means more money out of your pocket and into your energy providers coffers.

Enclosed car port foam board is a bit more expensive than fiberglass and may require professional installation. But its "R value" (its measure of thermal resistance) can be three times that of fiberglass. The higher a structures R value, the better its insulations effectiveness. If you plan to spend lots of time in your carport, garage or metal building (for instance, if you plan to use it as a workshop, office or recreational room), the long-term energy cost savings over fiberglass can be significant.

Foam board insulation can be applied to steel carports, enclosed garages or pole building in several ways: as rigid panels attached to your carport, garage or metal building inner walls or as a chemical mixture prayed from aerosol containers or a pressure sprayer (A third method involves foam board in the form of loose beads poured into masonry blocks in more traditional construction). Rigid foam board insulation typically comes 4x8 sheets and can be cut to fit your structures walls using a craft knife or fine toothed handsaw, then applied to your walls using construction adhesive. Two important notes: 1) Because foam boards absorb water vapor, you must cover the insulation with a moisture or vapor barrier and 2) because foam board is flammable, building codes in virtually all areas require that it be covered with fire resistant paneling or drywall.

Foam board also can be sprayed directly on to your walls via aerosol containers or pressure sprayers. It is recommended that you hire a professional installer for this method, as it can involve complex equipment. And because foam boar seals your enclosed carport, garage or metal building so tight, an air exchange may need to be installed. However, this results in superior indoor air quality because air pollutants such as pollen and dust have no way in. Foam board insulation also can help ward off mold, pest and insects for most enclosed carports.

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A conduit bending guide for bending a 90 degree bend in electrical conduit. Possibly the most basic and common of bends, but there are several ways to bend a 90.

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One of the more common bends made in electrical conduit is the offset bend - this page of a comprehesive conduit bending guide describes how to bend an offset using multipliers.

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Tracking down space heaters that are energy efficient isn't always simple. You want something powerful yet affordable. This article focuses on a few of my favorite heaters and the technology involved.

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Instructions on how to bend both 3 point saddles and 4 point saddles in EMT electrical conduit.

1 year ago

Report: 'Around 20' VW officials could be responsible for diesel scandal

Report: 'Around 20' VW officials could be responsible for diesel scandal

Hard to believe, but responsibility for the Volkswagen Group's "dieselgate" emissions cheating scandal, which affected 11 million cars worldwide and has put the fate of the then-world's largest automaker in jeopardy, might fall on the shoulders of as few as 10 to 20 people.

See also: The Volkswagen emissions scandal: All you need to know

According to a Reuters report, a source inside VW said that the company has suspended more than 10 senior officials, including six top managers and three brand executives, as it investigates the genesis of the software "defeat devices" it admitted to including in its vehicles between 2009 and 2015 that were programmed to foil tailpipe emissions testing. However, as many as 40 employees are being investigated for their involvement in the scheme.

The number of responsible parties is important for several reasons. Not only does it affect the size of the fines the carmaker will face but also inform how many managers will need to be replaced. Both figures are extremely important to investors, as it will influence the brand's future going forward.

While the company hunts for the responsible parties, it must also come up with and present a plan to fix the affected diesel vehicles " something it has yet to do. Potential fixes include replacing current engine management software that would drastically cut fuel economy and power output or retrofitting cars with additional emissions systems.

Before such a fix has even been presented, however, Germany forced VW to recall 2.4 million of the cars, the largest recall in the country's history, starting in January 2016. Meanwhile, California reminded VW that the company has until November 20th to present a repair procedure.

The Volkswagen Group has set aside $7.3 billion to cover dieselgate costs. According to that same Reuters report, some estimates push costs as high as $38 billion, after repairs finalized and lawsuits are settled.

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1 year ago

DIY: Build Garage and Shed Doors for extra Security

Do you have what it takes to build your own Garage Doors

Have you ever thought of building your own Garage or Shed Doors for extra security. If you add Garage doors onto your car port it will not only give you more privacy but added security.

If for instance you have a modified car and your insurance policy requires your vehicle to be behind locked doors then this idea could fit those requirements.

Insurance policies are a worry in this aspect:

You have to have your car behind locked doors while at your home Yet you are covered when parked anywhere else. This could be when you are travelling or parked by the side of the road or visiting someone and parked on t

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Carports Crumble From Weight Of Snow

Versatile Carports are an affordable solution to guard autos from harsh weather and sunlight. The worlds main exporter of finished shade structures ; and automotive coversdurable,.. Our commonplace shadeports are constructed from tubular mild metal framework. The traditional lines and planes of Awnmaster awnings,.. Shadeports are extraordinarily adaptable and include various purposes.. good service and competitive costs. Timber shadeports tend to be extra customized made shadeports, built individually to the clients required specification. Large regional buying facilities like Gateway and The Pavilion at Westville, near Durban also require shadeports or carports to provide shade for some parking bays.

Carports can be a very costly and time consuming endeavor if you're on a decent budget and would not have the time to assemble this kind of housing to your automotive or other automobile. There are stand alone carports and car ports that attach to your home or another construction. Within these 2 basic categories of carports there are some sub-classes that pertain to the type of roof. Those carports Shadeports Pretoria that connect to the home are usually flat roof carports or single slope or lean to carports. All sorts of carports serve specific functions and none are better than the others. Steel carports that attach to the home also provide great lined play areas for kids.

Whether you select scuba diving, golf, shopping or sampling the delicious fare, you will want to return to this idyllic port. From beaches and watersports to Danish Architecture and luxurious forests, your day in the port of St Croix shall be nicely value it. Luckily, among all of the Port Richey rentals, I discovered Sundown Bungalow.” It's situated right on the Cotee River, and it has its own non-public dock. We'd never been to Port Richey earlier than, so we weren't positive exactly what to expect.

Some king dimension platform beds with storage include two rows of drawers on both sides and different come with some kind of headboard storage relying in your storage wants. The internet makes it potential for customers to search out the endless potentialities when it comes to bedding with storage. These platform storage beds are superior, not only for the quantity of storage but I like the look of them. The primary function of carports is to guard the automobiles below them which is why all carports have roofs, whether they're non permanent or permanent. When you think of solar carports in a stove-piped fashion (as per this latest Washington Submit article ), then they probably aren't so value effective.

Carports made from quality metal are proven to have the ability to face up to harsh climate conditions and to have an excellent lifespan. Most carports will are available in pre-packed kits, with straightforward to follow assembly directions and all it's essential to do is to observe the plans. Carports are much like porte cocheres, besides the carports are designed for a automotive to park under them. The material involved in setting up the stretched shed has to be considered before putting in such carports. I have seen carports made with metal panels, others with aluminum, but we dwell near the coast so I knew that may simply rust and waste away.

1 year ago

Walden Pond Solar Photovoltaic Carports & Electric Vehicle Recharge Stations.

Tenders are invited for Walden Pond Solar Photovoltaic Carports & Electric Vehicle Recharge Stations.

Scope of Work:

The Commonwealth is interested in a turnkey solar photovoltaic carport and electric vehicle recharge station system for Walden Pond State Reservation in Concord, Massachusetts. Proposals for design, equipment specification and purchase, construction, permitting, installation, coordinate inspections, commissioning, interconnection, measurement & verification (M&V), warranty services, process rebate and other applications as required, and maintenance services.

Interested companies must satisfy all base proposal requirements.

Base Proposal (Required): Your proposal must discuss how fulfillment of the following tasks and deliverables (T&D) would be accomplished, more fully described in Attachment B:

1. Design, Engineer, Permit and Commission: Design, engineer, permit, and commission (by a certified third party) a turnkey solar photovoltaic carport and electric vehicle recharge station system for Walden Pond State Reservation in Concord, Ma. The system will include solar photovoltaic carports, two electric vehicle recharge stations, the data acquisition and reporting via a revenue grade meter, a system monitoring display, interpretative and sponsorship signage, trenching and interconnections.

The proposer shall provide signed and sealed architectural, landscape architecture and electrical and structural design drawings by licensed Massachusetts professionals for project review, permitting and construction of all project elements. A stamped site plan showing the locations of the solar photovoltaic carports, PV inverter and related components, trenching for electrical connections, environmental controls as well as landscape and water management treatments is required.

The proposer shall also file for and secure grid tie applications, power purchase, net metering credits and renewable energy credit agreements with the Concord Municipal Light and others as needed.

2. Solar Photovoltaic Carport: Based on approved proposer plans: regrade the parking lot if needed; procure, install, and interconnect a 100 kW +/- DC solar photovoltaic carport with a deck under the PV panels to generate a minimum of 88,000 kWh/year and install appropriate conduits and wiring from carport system to the new visitor center for public education/display data reporting (about 200 feet) and to the interconnection point at 755 Walden Street, about 1,500 feet from parking lots E and F. Provide interpretative and sponsorship signage at the solar photovoltaic carport and an interactive monitoring display with a web portal at the visitor center.

3. Electric Vehicle Recharge Stations: Procure, install, interconnect via trenching two (2) dual port bollard-type publically accessible EV Stations, one at the canopy structure and one by the new near net zero visitor center. The EV stations shall deliver 7.2 kW of power at 240 volts and 30 am

Tender documents : T24186596.doc

2014 Al Bawaba ( Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. ( ).

1 year ago

Cars for Sale Under 200 Dollars

As you search for cars for sale under 200 dollars, you need to fully and completely realize you will have very, very few options to even look at, especially if you are thinking you will get something in running condition. You will need to do a lot of searching to find something in this range. That is not to say that this is not possible, but it definitely is not very likely. Still, if you are looking for a really cheap truck or hatchback, you just might get really lucky. Listed below are just a few of the options you will have to search for cheap cars for sale under 200 dollars.

Fixer Uppers

You need to have realistic expectations of what you will be looking at in this type of